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80% of our trainers still work full-time in the classroom or in a campus/central office

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You will decide where you want to work
You will decide how often you want to work
Work full-time, part-time or even very part-time

Time To Teach

We are Seeking Talented Presenters wanting to earn $1200 or more per day

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The Center for Teacher Effectiveness has two research driven, application based on-site trainings for K – 12 Educators. They are Classroom Management and Student Engagement and Motivation. These are being offered all across the United States as well in many other countries. We are seeking top-gun presenters with a passion to help teachers and students as well as wanting to earn significant part-time income for them and their families.

We know your time is valuable! The most efficient way to get information is to watch the recorded webinar or webinars now about our on-site training programs and the opportunity. The two Train The Trainer sessions are offered concurrently so one has to choose which certification to receive.


Earn $1200 or more per training day.
You will decide where you want to work.
You will decide how often you want to work.
Work full-time, part-time or very part-time

Classroom Management Webinar

Student Engagement and Motivation Webinar

Center for Teacher Effectiveness

The Center for Teacher Effectiveness is our corporate name and Time To TeachTM is our trade name for our professional K – 12 teacher staff development.

Time To TeachTM was originally influenced over 40 years ago with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and John Wooden, both of UCLA. (yes, that’s right, Coach Wooden!)

The Center For Teacher Effectiveness, continues the work of Wooden and Hunter in collaboration with leading educators, researchers, and master teachers all around the United States.

We are rapidly becoming the leading provider of teacher education, training and staff development in the United States and Canada. Our concentration is redefining teaching and learning in schools and providing highly useful professional teacher staff development. For the last decade, we have been producing and sponsoring high quality, in-depth training programs especially designed for K-12 education professionals.

Our company is organized for success. We are intentionally laterally constructed. Instead of high paid executives at the top much of the earned training revenue is shared with our Associates. And, we can prove that. First and foremost, we are successful because we treat our trainers like gold. Our pay is the best in the industry. In many cases our trainers earn much more than corporate trainers. We have satellite offices in 13 states: CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, MI, OH, SC, TN, TX, WA, and WV. These offices are operated by our Executives and National Directors. Our correspondence and financial receiving points are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We print, store, package, and ship all of our products from Michigan and Ohio.

Our strong corporation enjoys a sterling reputation with teachers, schools, and districts all around the United States and in other countries. We are eager to share this with you. Additionally, our company enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our firm is seeking highly capable educators and education consultants with great presentation skills to share our Classroom Management or Differentiated Instruction programs. We train in PK – 12 grade schools nationwide (public, private, and charter schools). Our trainers are highly qualified and can hold the attention of, and deliver a message to, an audience. You MUST enjoy training and staff development and have a desire to help improve teaching and learning. Only educators, or previous educators, with proven classroom instructional experience will be considered. If you are a retired educator, we are interested and hope you will review our information (your experience is wonderful!).
• Quality presentation skills
• Background in education
• Good writing skills
• Professionalism
• Excellent communication
• Entrepreneurial spirit to grow your business
• A self-starter
• Bachelor’s degree required
• Passion to help students and teachers thrive
After viewing one or both of the recorded Webinars (required) and you are interested in finding out more, please submit your resume via email to jimbob@TimeToTeach.com and our Executive Committee will evaluate you. Please verify that you have watched at least one of the webinars. If the committee feels you are a good fit and have the traits and experience we are looking for, you will be emailed or called to set up a time for a phone-chat interview. This will be a time you can get all of your questions answered and determine if we are a good fit for you.

Applicants, who meet our requirements, will be invited to attend our next 4-day Train The Trainer sessions or one in the future.

Our Differentiated Instruction for Student Motivation and Engagement is a full day course you will offer for school on-site professional development. This course was developed by Eric Combs, 2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year, and is heavily influences by the work of Howard Gardner, Robert Marzano, Carol Ann Tomlinson, and Sir Ken Robinson. These highly interactive strategies have been developed with the busy and overwhelmed teacher in mind. They can be immediately placed into practice the very next day!

This program is proven in practice and we will help you become an expert in the subject matter. The strategies are based in research, are practical, and easy to implement. This outstanding program is designed for any grade level and student profile.

Our Classroom Management program is a full day course you will offer for school on-site professional development. This course was developed by Rick Dahlgren over 20 years, and is heavily influences by the work of Madeline Hunter and John Wooden. These highly interactive strategies have been developed with the busy and overwhelmed teacher in mind. They can be immediately placed into practice the very next day!

This program is proven in practice and we will help you become an expert in the subject matter. The strategies are based in research, are practical, and easy to implement. This outstanding program is designed for any grade level and student profile.

Our next Train-The-Trainer sessions are:

Classroom Management

Virtual Live Streaming
May 13 – 16, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)
To schedule a phone chat interview please go to


Student Engagement and Motivation

Virtual Live Streaming
May 13 – 16, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)
To schedule a phone chat interview please go to


Begin the Application Process Now

Have you ever been in an Education Staff Development and thought, “I should be up there! I can do better?” But you didn’t know how to start the process moving? Below is the process to apply and submit your resume to jimbob@TimeToTeach.com

5 Watch one or both of the 90 minute recorded webinars above. Take notes and write down your questions.

5 If you want to proceed to the next step (the phone-chat interview) to find out more, submit your resume or bio by emailing it to jimbob@TimeToTeach.com

5 Your resume will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. If you meet our criteria, you will be contacted via email within 24 – 48 hours to set up the phone-chat interview at a time that is convenient for you.

5 On the phone-chat interview, we will find out more about you and you will get ALL of your questions answered.

5 If selected, you will receive the Official Invitation to join our elite team of trainers. And you will be sent a link to download the necessary paperwork to get registered.

5 You can also asked to be sent a 10 minute video that explains our compensation plan in great detail.

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Our Differentiated Instruction Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a teacher to be a trainer?
No. You don’t have to be a current teacher to be a Time To Teach trainer. However, your audience is teachers and you will be working within schools. Most trainers have spent time as an educator in a K-12 school, university, technical college, preschool, youth camp, or church groups and understand the needs of schools.
How do our trainers earn at the top of the industry?
Our highly successful curriculum and nationally acclaimed presentation are the reasons why schools invite us to train in their building. We make a difference, we have an immediate impact on improving the school culture, teacher job satisfaction, student performance, and a myriad of other variables that schools not only want but ask for. We are busy because we are effective. That is why we are seeking excellent trainers.
Can I continue teaching while training with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness?
Yes. We hope you do. Most of our trainers are “active duty” teachers and administrators. Your participants will relate to you because you are in the trenches too. It is not uncommon for many of our trainers to make more in one day training, than in one month of teaching.
What does it mean to be an independent contractor?
Everyone who works for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness is an independent contractor. You are not considered an employee, franchisee, partner, or joint venturer. You are responsible for reporting all of your taxable income to the IRS (we will provide a 1099 form). This is your own small business and you have an unlimited earning potential.
Is this a multilevel company (MLM)?
No! Our organization structure is similar to other respected companies. We have small group of corporate Executives and a larger group of National Directors who are excellent teachers and who are also phenomenal trainers. These National Directors mentor and help our Associate trainers (you). That is the organization, there are no levels below you. It is impossible to find and place other trainers “under” you who in turn find trainers who find trainers, etc…. The training money doesn’t trickle “upward” in our company, as it does in MLM organizations. We share a majority of the earnings with our Associates. Why should the revenue you earn trickle upward to hundreds of people who you don’t even know?
Do I have to stay all day on Sunday, the last day of the training?
Yes. The Sunday training schedule is 8:00am – 3:00pm and material is presented all day long. We understand that you may have to leave early for travel reasons, but if you do, you will miss some information. However, we offer online over 100 hours of videos, webinars, and documents which will help you get started.
Are there territories for training?
No. You can train anywhere in the country.
Does the Center for Teacher Effectiveness find my school trainings?
We spend two full days at the Train The Trainer answering this question. We teach you a number of successful strategies that will directly lead to principals inviting you to train in their schools. We give you the tools and the strategies and you use them to become a successful trainer. We want all of our trainers to have flexible schedules and the opportunity to train as much or as little as they wish
How do I get paid?
Schools pay the Center for Teacher Effectiveness for the training provided. We in turn pay our trainers every Friday. You will be paid directly from the Center for Teacher Effectiveness.
Are there any hidden fees after paying my tuition for the Train-The-Trainer seminar?
No. Your tuition covers the 4 full days of training, working lunch or continental breakfast, books, materials, online resources and we will have a staff of National Directors and trainers to answer all your questions and concerns.
What does it take to be a successful trainer?
Professionalism, we want you to be that professional that everyone admires. Passion, you must have a desire to help students and teacher succeed and thrive together. Personality, you’ve got to be able to deliver the message and connect with your audience
How much is tuition for the Time To Teach training?
Do you offer any assistance if I can’t afford the training?
We give you a proven process to follow. You do all of the work. In just two hours, one Associate recently found sponsors to cover her training fee and all travel and lodging expenses. You are fully responsible for the $675.00 training fee, but you may use the Sponsorship Program strategies to attempt to offset that fee, as well as your travel and lodging expenses! If you are a talented teacher, we want you at our training. The Sponsor Program offers you the opportunity to gather a team of sponsors to help you fund the training. But, reiterating, you have to do the work.
Do I pay my own travel and hotel expenses to attend a training?
Yes. You pay all travel and hotel expenses. Remember the Sponsor Program can earn enough to pay for these expenses in addition to the tuition.
I know someone who might be interested, who do I contact?
Have them visit this website, view the webinar, read the Call for Trainer document and contact us immediately. By now, you know the caliber of the professional that we are seeking, so please make sure that anybody that you refer meets our high qualifications. Have them fill out the contact us form and we will contact them immediately.
What happens after I have an interview?
If you meet our high qualifications, your director will have corporate send you the Time to Teach password to access the Candidate Agreement. Corporate will then send you the Time to Teach book, a training agenda, travel tips, and an associate travel blog to help you share expenses with other trainers. We know how to save money traveling because we train and travel all over the United States
When is tuition due?
Tuition is due before the training begins
Will I be a certified Time to Teach trainer at the end of the 4 day training?
Yes. The director you have been working with is a seasoned and highly acclaimed presenter. They know the caliber of the trainer we are seeking. If your director invites you to a training after an interview, and you complete the training, then you are a certified Time to Teach trainer. You will always remain a certified trainer so long as you keep your professionalism, personality and passion at the high levels that schools and children deserve.
Name: Jim Bob Solsbery
Title: Executive Director – Center for Teacher Effectiveness
Email: jimbob@TimeToTeach.com
Personal Website: www.HelpingTeachersSucceed.com
Phone: 325.650.7528

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